Event Management & Consultancy

There are many aspects to the management of large scale sporting events.  Over the past 15 year of running sporting events covering the whole spectrum of different levels from grass roots through to Olympic Games, and several different sports, Alec has developed significant knowledge which can offer value to any organisation.

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Winning bids and Championships

Alec has significant experience and understanding within the equestrian sector, which is required when submitting an application to win a bid for major Games and Championships.  Having been instrumental in the production of bids for major championships from the initial ‘Expressions of Interest’ stage, through the ‘Final Bid Book Submission’ and finally to the ‘Presentation’ stage Alec can add real value to any team in this process.

How can Alec assist you?  Listed below are some if the attributes Alec could bring to a team:

  • Strategic development and venue design.
  • Sound understanding of the structure of the FEI and an Organising committee (including OCOG) and the relationship between the two.
  • Knowledge of the international rules and requirements of Equestrian disciplines.
  • Management skills essential for the successful direction of large management and operational teams including staff, contractors, paid work workforce and volunteer planning.
  • An associated strong and trustworthy reputation across the international equestrian community.
  • Good presentational skills, with sound training and experience in Media and Press communication together with report writing.
  • The ability to work under pressure and to tight time lines.

Why use Alec?

Three of the most valuable commodities in any project are time, knowledge and money. Alec will save you time and therefor money, increase efficiencies and use his extensive knowledge to assist clients with project fulfilment.

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